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The power of play is at the foundation of a child’s ability to learn and grow. Research proves that kids who get opportunities for experimental play have better social skills, improved literacy, reduced stress and increased success in life.

That’s why the Junior League of Peoria and Peoria Zoological Society have joined forces to build the Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum and expand Peoria Zoo—creating a daylong destination for learning through play that equips local kids with the tools to succeed.

Join us in filling this critical need in our community. Together, we have the power to engage children’s minds, hearts and bodies like few other attractions in the area.

Peoria Zoo

Studies show a community our size needs a children’s museum. Eighty-five percent of brain development occurs by age 3, and kids learn more between ages 4-5 than ages 6-18 combined. The Peoria PlayHouse is designed for children ages 0-8, featuring six themed exhibit areas that offer hands-on learning for boys and girls of all abilities. Galleries created by world-renowned designers and education experts meet Illinois Early Learning Standards, and special programs and traveling exhibits encourage repeat visits.

Peoria Zoo’s new AFRICA! exhibit has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors since opening in June 2009. Now we’re working to make it a more convenient, accessible and appealing destination for families, school groups and visitors of all ages.

Help us spread the word about this all-day destination for families and school groups, where kids from all walks of life can experience the educational, social and physical power of play—exploring, dreaming and discovering in a safe, fun environment.

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